Whisked off to Cooper Island

Cooper Island is a luxury beach resort home to a private beach, restaurant & bar, coffee shop, boutique clothing shop, and Sail Caribbean diving company. 

Chillout Charters came to pick up our lovely guests from the private dock at Nora Hazel Point and zoomed across the short stint of the Sir Francis Channel arriving at Cooper Island Beach Club. 

On arrival, our guests enjoyed peaceful and tranquil sounds of the soft waves as they explore the island’s sandy beaches and chilled vibes of the tree-lined paths. We highly recommend grabbing a coffee at the gourmet coffee shop as they are on par with one of the best organic coffees in the BVI. 

The beach club offers visitors a day of diving and water toys including paddleboarding, kayaking and snorkelling around the beautiful surrounding waters and reefs.  

After working up an appetite for lunch enjoy a beach side culinary experience of fresh local seafood, burgers and cocktails to your hearts content. 

Before heading back to Nora Hazel Point, it’s almost compulsiory to stop off at the Rum Bar and choose from over 280 rums from all over the world. 

Cooper Island is a truly unmissable day out and are in-house concierge team are more than happy to organise the day for you when you book your stay with Nora Hazel Point.