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A day in the life at Nora Hazel Point

Life at Nora Hazel Point is all about outdoor living, panoramic views of the glistening sea views and luxury at its finest.  To help you make that final, yet best decision of the year, to book your next vacation with us, we wanted to paint you a picture of a day in the life at…

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Whisked off to Cooper Island

Cooper Island is a luxury beach resort home to a private beach, restaurant & bar, coffee shop, boutique clothing shop, and Sail Caribbean diving company.  Chillout Charters came to pick up our lovely guests from the private dock at Nora Hazel Point and zoomed across the short stint of the Sir Francis Channel arriving at…

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Bedroom Details

Luxury Bedroom

Picture this, you open your eyes feeling all refreshed from a perfect night sleep at Nora Hazel Point, waking up to the sunrise and the unparalleled views of the British Virgin Islands. You grab yourself a coffee and drink it on the balcony soaking up the warm morning breeze. After a fun day exploring the…

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Our top 5 things to do in 2023

2023 is officially upon us and we wanted to get you excited to book your first vacation of the year at Nora Hazel Point with a few of our favourite things to do in the British Virgin Islands. Tour of North Sound, Virgin Gorda with Chillout Charters We can charter you a boat (or 2)…

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Bonfire on the Beach

We took guests out for an evening of bonfires, toasted marshmellows and entertainment with Bonfire Bliss at Cane Garden Bay.

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Deep Sea Fishing with Salt Shaker BVI

Fishing in the BVI is like no other. We took our guests out for a deep sea fishing trip where we caught some incredible fish with Salt Shaker BVI. We headed out early in the morning on the fishing boat and zoomed off to sea to a prime fishing spot where we’ve caught the likes…

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