Get lost in the beauty of Salt Island

Salt island is one of the many uninhabited islands of the BVI with an inspiring and rich history that only a small percentage of the population even know about.

The island gets its name from the two neighboring salt ponds that are entirely unique to the BVI and have a strong connection with the British Royal family way back when. 

The island has never been home to more than 100 residents in its lifetime and is now currently laid barron apart from the natural wildlife that keep the island alive. 

The salt ponds were made famous stemming back to the 1800’s where a one-pound bag of salt from Salt Island was directly sent to the Queen of England each year – a tradition which started after a royal navy ship called The Rhone sunk in the islands waters. This historical tradition brings tourists from far and wide to dive around the sunken shipwreck as well attracting avid hikers to trek the unpredictable terrain of the islands natural existence. 

This almost secret rich history of an unknown island in our beloved home is one of the reasons we love suggesting a morning hike at Salt Island to our guests. Especially those who are craving a new adventure. 

Arriving at an empty beach just after sunrise to enjoy the early morning warmth with nothing but a few beaten down old houses, we start our expedition. We walk around the salt ponds to the opposing beach and up the hills we go. At the top, the views are breathtaking. Overlooking the below reef where you can sometimes spot the odd shark, to a clear view of Peter Island and Tortola in the far distance. You turn around to witness what is almost a surf reef beside the mangroves and a bay home to stingray’s turtles and more.  Cooper Island and even a touch of VG lie in the distance – we guarantee you’ll be left utterly speechless. 

Our hike continues as we aim to reach the opposite side of the island. We take a moment to note this isn’t a hike for those who aren’t willing to get a little scratch here and there and a little bit of sweat (there’s a reason why we leave Nora Hazel Point at the crack of dawn). 

On the way back to the boat, we take a slightly different route that takes us to the opposite side of the salt pond that we arrived at and we promise you’ll be blown away and a little confused. Is it snow or salt? A truly spectacular scene that is completely and utterly unexpected. 

We then continue on back to the boat where we are greeted with ice cold coconut water and fresh fruit to replenish our bodies before heading back to our estate for lunch. 

Our guests and team cannot recommend a hiking expedition at Salt Island enough. 

We hope to share this one of a kind experience with you soon