A day in the life at Nora Hazel Point

Life at Nora Hazel Point is all about outdoor living, panoramic views of the glistening sea views and luxury at its finest.  To help you make that final, yet best decision of the year, to book your next vacation with us, we wanted to paint you a picture of a day in the life at Nora Hazel Point in the British Virgin Islands. 

You wake up early in the morning to the glimmer of light beaming in through the windows enticing you to get up and open up the curtains presenting one of the finest sunrises you may ever see. 

You walk through the immaculate estate to the kitchen to make your fresh morning coffee that you take outside and enjoy on the terrace under the warm morning air by the pool. You dip your toes into the solar heated pool and tempt you to take a morning swim before the rest of your party awakens. This quiet tranquil moment of peace as you swim through the water is when it clocks that you’ve woken up a little paradise called Nora Hazel Point. 

Once everyone is up and about, enjoy a delicious breakfast with fresh pastries from the French Deli and some local tropical fruit. Set in one of the communal dining areas, you all chat about the plans for the day. 

After breakfast, the guests enjoy a run or a walk on our beautiful grounds as there are 3 miles of trails on the estate. It is truly breathtaking and the perfect way to loosen up after traveling the day before. 

Next up is lunchtime and Champagne for lunch? Why not, you’re on vacation! The outside dining area is perfectly set for a large group lunch of healthy salad, barbequed meats, crispy bread, fish and roasted vegetables and all the champagne, cocktails and wine as you see fit. A good few hours of laughter, smiles and planning the rest of your vacation heightens everyone’s mood even more. 

The rest of the afternoon consists of sun, sea, and serenity lounging with more Champagne of course and whatever other tipple tickles your fancy  by the pool where you simply sit back and take in the beauty of the estate.

As the early evening dawns, guests go and rest up with either a little nap or a relaxing bubble bath whilst enjoying the views before dressing up to enjoy drinks during the sunset situated by the gorgeous firepit as you discuss plans for the rest of your trip. Plans include an in-villa spa visit, sunset yoga on the perfectly manicured grounds, a private dining culinary delight and a tandem day charter to the North Sound with Chillout Charters. 

The day comes to a perfect end after a private culinary dining experience with one of our incredibly talented partner chef’s, leaving the party happy and full, falling into a restful undisturbed sleep ready for the following day’s activities! 

Whether you join for a large family gathering, a girls trip, a celebration, a corporate team building getaway or a romantic week away, we’ve got you covered. 

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